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Welcome to our pillows and cushions section, where you will find a wide variety of models and styles to give a special touch to your home décor. Below is a detailed description of the finishes, fillings, fabrics and other features we offer:

Curtains are a wonderful resource to dress windows, doors, porches, terraces, Balinese beds and many more. They have an endless number of uses, the most common is to give privacy in the home, put curtains on the windows of the rooms of the house.

Types of Curtains and Fabrics


They are the most common and versatile. They can be plain or patterned, and they adapt to any type of window. They are ideal for controlling light and privacy.

  • COTTON: it is soft, resistant and breathable. It's a good choice for rooms with lots of natural light.
  • LINEN: It has a rustic and natural texture. It is ideal for cool and relaxed environments.
  • POLYESTER: it is a resistant and durable fabric, easy to maintain and clean. It is ideal for roller blinds and vertical blinds.
  • SILK: it is a luxurious and elegant fabric, which provides shine and luminosity. It is ideal for living room and bedroom curtains.
Visillos a medida
Visillos a medida
Cortinas a medida


Also known as blinds, they are a practical and modern option. They can be made of fabric, bamboo, PVC, among other materials. They allow for greater light control and are easy to clean.

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Estor opaco
Estor opaco enrollable manual


Ideal for large windows and sliding doors. They are made up of slats that move vertically, allowing light and privacy to be controlled.

Verticales digitales
Verticales digitales con foto


It is a fine fabric which lets the light in and can be seen outside, different types of fabrics are used, but always a fine fabric that lets the light in and blurs the interior of the house. There are more stupid or less dense sheers, depending on the need.

Cortina visillo
Cortina visillo
Cortina visillo


Blackout curtains, foscurit or blackout, these do not let light in, they play the role of a blind, they are used in an endless number of fabrics but always opaque. The range of these curtains is endless, fabrics, jacquard, flame retardant, plain, printed, printed, digital, and long, etc. They are usually combined with sheers to have both options, light entry or absolute privacy.

Cortina opaca
Cortina opaca
Cortina opaca

Curtain finishes


The eyelets, rings or eyelets are very practical, in standard curtains it is the most common, it is to reach and place, they are used only in curtain rods, so the eyelets slide through the curtain rod. They are usually metallic in different colors, they are taken to match the bar or they go with a tone similar to the fabric. The curtain is completed at the top with metal-reinforced holes of different diameters.

Cortina con ojales y doble barra forja
Cortina con ojales y barra de madera
Cortina con ojales
Loop and loops

The loop is made with the same fabric as the curtain or sheer. It can be visible, as it is made of the same material as the curtain and allows the rod to be seen, or hidden, so it is possible to choose another type of fabric. They are only used on curtain rods or metal turnbuckles. This finish is on both standard curtains and bespoke curtains. Loops are fabric loops that are sewn into the top of the curtain, allowing the curtain rod to pass through.

Cortina con trabillas
Cortina con trabillas
Cortina con trabillas

It is the most classic and versatile system of all and has different applications. It is a piece of fabric or other material that is placed on top of the curtain and some hooks are put on it which are attached to the rails or to the rings with a hook, this type of curtains have a very light opening, since they move by guides. These types of finishes are the vast majority for custom-made costinas, but there are also for standard. These types of curtains can be motorized.

Cortina con cinta onda perfecta y rieles
Cortina con cinta y rieles
Visillo con cinta y rieles
Ruckering & Boards

Ruching involves making pleats in the fabric to create a more classic and elegant look. Planks are folds in the fabric that are created by a system of tapes and hooks.

Cortina fruncida con cinta y riel
Cortina fruncida con anillas y barra
Cortina fruncida

Types of curtain support

The support of the curtain, like the other elements, is something very important to take into account for the placement of the curtains. There are a myriad of brackets and anchors, but the most common are as follows:


The curtain rail is the mechanism that allows you to hang the curtains and move them horizontally, you can hang your curtains on their hooks and unlike rods they don't need rings. Rails are offered in various formats and sizes, depending on the location of the rail. Double and triple rails can be used to put up different types of curtains, the most common being double to put blackout curtains and sheers. These are the best for motorizing.

Cortina riel a la vista
Cortina con riel oculto
Cortina con riel oculto

Curtain rods are the most used for the placement of curtains, because they have the simplest placement, they can be put on the wall or ceiling, but the most common is on the wall. It is an important decorative element to take into account, as they are visible and you have to choose from a wide range of colors and materials. The most commonly used are made of wood, steel and/or wrought iron.

Barra cortina y anillas
Barra cortina y anillas
Barra cortina y ojales

Curtains Form

We hope this description has been helpful to you in choosing the perfect curtains for your home. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need personalized advice.